High quality specialist resources

You can search nearly 200 academic and leading commercial databases, enabling you to find current, relevant information and explore applied subjects in great depth. This will not only help you succeed at 克兰菲尔德; potential employers will value your familiarity with the specialist resources widely used within their industry as well.

Key resources include: Bloomberg, British Standards Online, IEEE Xplore, IMechE Conference Proceedings, Mintel报告, ABI /通知, 汤森路透(Thomson Reuters), ScienceDirect, 斯高帕斯, 施普林格和威利.

We also provide access to over 22,000年意见, as well as core collections of books, 期刊和报告, and a range of current awareness services to ensure you stay up to date in your area of expertise.

虚拟360度° tour of the 国王诺顿图书馆 below. 



You will have a dedicated Information Specialist for your subject area, who will work closely with your academic team and spend time in your department to ensure they can help you as and when you need them. They will offer group teaching and one-to-one support so you can learn how to use our services and resources to suit your needs. They will also provide advice to help you communicate the results of your research and raise its visibility and impact. 

研究 and research skills

We will help you understand the resources available to you, how to use them effectively and, 最重要的是, how to critically evaluate them. We also offer courses on how to reference correctly and avoid plagiarism, which are key to your academic success at 克兰菲尔德.


We never lose sight of the importance of the library as a physical space, and its role in your overall learning experience. We aim to create a welcoming, comfortable environment in which to study, and offer areas for individual and group work as well as silent study.