JDB电子的国际声誉, 专注于技术和管理, 强大的产业链接, 世界一流的商业研究和知识, 使 克兰菲尔德 您的硕士水平学徒的理想学术伙伴.

当你选择搭档的时候 克兰菲尔德, your staff will benefit from a world-renowned educational offering. 学徒hip 学生s are integrated with our experienced and international 学生 body and are eligible to join our 80,000名强大的全球校友网络.

We understand what is needed to develop industry-led apprenticeship standards and have many years' experience of working with postgraduate, 有经验的学习者及其雇主.

通过提供 克兰菲尔德 你的公司将会:

  • Be able to offer the opportunity to both early and mid-career employees;
  • Be more attractive to a greater pool of graduates looking for the next step in their career;
  • 就较高级别的资历,收回其征款;
  • Reduce the amount of time an employee is away from the company studying compared to successive in-house and residential training sessions taking staff away from their job;
  • Enable business growth and a competitive edge by improving skills, 员工的能力和知识;
  • 通过投资员工的发展来提高员工的保留率.


An apprenticeship is a job with an accompanying skills development programme; it combines educational learning with workplace training and learning. An apprenticeship should be the most appropriate learning programme for the individual and must be for either: a new job that requires new knowledge and skills, 或者一份需要大量新知识的现有工作, 技能和 行为 (KSBs).

作为一个学徒ship combines educational learning with workplace training and learning, it requires the employer to be actively involved in the apprenticeship. Whilst the demands on an apprentice are significantly different to if they were to undertake a more traditional postgraduate course or programme, 另外, 雇主有很多要求.

The input 要求 from the employer can be activities such as reviewing the apprentice's progress and supporting them by providing regular reviews, 以及 指导 and providing opportunities to apply newfound knowledge and skills within the 组织.

作为一个学徒, you are 要求 to spend a minimum of 6 hours per week on average during your  apprenticeship, on off-the-job activities that directly relate to your apprenticeship. The off-the-job activity cannot be part of your usual work, however, your employer can 利用 some of this time by deploying you to undertake projects within the 组织只要这不是你正常角色的一部分.

It's important to understand that an apprenticeship is not solely an academic programme; the academic programme and qualification is just one element of an apprenticeship. There are different and additional commitments and expectations 要求 of both an apprentice and their employer.


The EPA is the assessment carried out at the end of the apprenticeship to assess the apprentice's achievement of the KSBs 就像学徒标准里写的那样.

是什么 KSBs?

KSBs 代表知识,技能和 行为, and these are the competencies set out in the apprenticeship standard and are what the apprentices will be assessed on during the EPA to determine if they have successfully achieved the apprenticeship.


作为学徒必须服从, an apprentice must spend a minimum of 6 hours per week on average of 他们的 在正常工作之外的培训时间. The training must be directly relevant to the apprenticeship standard, teaching new KSBs 必须达到特定职业的胜任能力. Some apprenticeship standards may require the apprentice to do more than an average of 6 hours per week to ensure they gain all the KSBs 要求. 



An apprenticeship is aligned to a standard which is referred to as an ‘apprenticeship standard’. 学徒的标准 are designed by industry and lay out which KSBs must be mastered by the apprentice in order to successfully achieve the apprenticeship qualification.

An apprenticeship standard is designed by groups of employers known as ‘trailblazer groups’ to meet skill shortages in their sectors and is linked to an occupational profile.

The academic element of the apprenticeship programme is mapped to the apprenticeship standard.

Note: The standard shown via the button below is the Senior Leader standard for illustration purposes.



学徒 successfully complete the apprenticeship by achieving passes and merits in the End Point Assessment (EPA) during which the apprentice's competence of the KSBs,以评估学徒标准所载的水平.

The EPA Plan is a document which was created by the trailblazer group which sets out the requirements, EPA的评估方法和分级标准.

All current apprenticeship standards and assessment plans can be found on the 研究所的学徒制 网站.

The EPA plan for the Senior Leader Level 7 standard can be found below, as an example.